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Who’s got the tools to help you navigate your weightloss/fitness plan AND have a life? The coach does………

What’s the story?

I’ve spent the past two years losing weight and lost a massive eight stone in a year. Since then I’ve been navigating through life’s craziness and along the way documenting my journey on social media, sharing my advice, recipes, ideas and motivation tips.
As more and more of you asked me for more personalised help and advice, I got to thinking on how I could do this.

And so the mojo coach was born.

Where did you come up with the idea?

I’ve had many ups and downs on my journey but have gained lots of experience and knowledge and am constantly asked for advice and help and so I’ve decided to set up this service to help alleviate the stress of day to day life plus provide that extra bit of motivation that is sometimes required.

What qualifies you to be a mojo coach?

I’m purely advising based on my own experiences.

What’s in it for me?

Each client will be treated confidentially and will be given personalised tailored sessions covering their requirements. Topics include time management, budgeting, food planning, cooking and shopping planning. In doing so I’m hoping that clients will be able to concentrate on their weightloss/ fitness journey with a little more confidence and knowledge of all other aspects of life around their specific plan.


Passing on the mojo to those in need.

“One of my greatest joys is inspiring others through motivation and inspiration. My aim is to guide people to realise their weightloss or fitness goals. My mojo coaching is my way of doing this”

I’m not qualified to advise on any weight loss plan. Any potential client should refer to their relevant weight loss plan official website or consultant to assist them with their specific plan and losing weight.


My mojo coaching is for everyone.

Jen Smith

“Had a session with Emma yesterday regarding motivation for my running and ideas on low calorie snacks. So friendly, helpful and full of advice. It’s really made me believe in myself and realise I can do this, no matter how long it takes. Anyone who needs a bit of guidance/motivation who thinks a session might not be for them? Honestly just give it a go, you won’t regret it at all”

Melissa Sammons

“Just had a session with Emma . About obsessions around my journey and needing focus. Such friendly first hand advice and support. I think it’s amazing how someone not directly in your circle of family can have such a more uplifting positive outlook!! It’s helped me realise that smaller goals are better goals and we are capable of achieving something great.
I recommend anyone to give the sessions a try if you need help with anything at all from your own personal journeys.”

S Broderick – Fox

“I went to Emma for some basic advice, and she supplied in great detail!
Tailoring a quick food plan, and sending me advice based on my likes/dislikes, and what I hope to achieve, Emma really has surpassed what is expected of her.
With her personalised plan, which I can easily follow, I’ll lose this extra weight, and be a lot fitter in the process.
Thanks Emma!”

Kim C

“I reached out and got in touch with Emma because she has inspired me from afar for over two years. Witnessing her journey with such honesty and raw emotion and success – whether it be via the scales or her go-to attitude. That is what she brought to the coaching table. Her words, her guidance and above all her advice on how to change and work on my negative mind set and drawing a line on it and teaching me how to go forward with the most AMAZING plan. I encourage all who like me have had a negative mindset or fear of failure of achieving your goals. Talk to Emma, you won’t regret.”
Thank you Emma. Love you ooodles Xoxo

Rebecca C

“Wow wow and wow again!!! I have just had my first session with Emma. It was phenomenal and I am not exaggerating. I am training for my first half marathon (in a few weeks!) and I am struggling with appreciating I can achieve my goals. Emma has give me some fantastic tools and strategies and I feel so much more positive about it already.
If you are thinking about booking a session with her, make sure you do.”


“Thank you Em’s for my findmymojocoach session. It’s really helped my negative thoughts already. It’s helped me to remember I can do it, rather than focusing on my struggles. I’m so glad I took the time to have some coaching.”


“I couldnt be happier with the session i had. In just an hour I went from feeling lost to feeling like i had a new lease of life. Thank you so much.”


Are you struggling on your new weight loss/fitness journey trying to manage your time, family and your life?
Need to find your mojo???

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